Build a rocking chair with a wooden cable reel


Recently we have showed you how to make a wooden table with a recycled wooden cable reel: Build a table witha wooden spool

But the ideas to build things with recycled wooden cable reels do’nt end here. There’s a very interesting project to convert a wooden spool into a rocking chair, using the curve shape of the spool as its base. The system is not as simple as making the table, remember that  it  didn’t had no complication, in fact building thid rocking chair is not easy… but the possibility is there…



To build the rocking chair the first step is to remove the wooden slats inside the coil just to get all the parts separately. Later we will have to get a tubular steel structure with the shape that we want to give to the back of the rocking chair. This will serve to give to the chair back a stronger structure, simply buy a metal pipe and then give it the shape that you want.

We will fix the wooden slats to the tubular structures in order to have the central base of the chair, finally we will fix the central core, the back, and the sides with the round shape, before we will have to cut the round sides with the design that we like more in order to the take off the arms from the sides. We will maintain the round base so then it will work as a rocking chair.

Finally personalize the chair with your own taste, so we will obtain our little reading place.


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