Build an armchair with a wooden cable reel


This is another design made with wooden cable reels, very interesting and very similar to this one that we have discussed earlier: Build a rocking chair with a wooden cable reel

The point is to build a rocking chair with a wooden cable reel, and it’s easier to do that the one I showed you in the previous link.

The concept is to exploit the curved shape of the coil so then we will get the shape that the a rocking chair needs to rock. We will begin with a top cut with a chainsaw to empty the center structure, but leaving the base so then the bobbine wouldn’t be completly dismembered.

Taking advantage of the shape that we have left on the base, we will fix some wooden boards that will work as the seat and back of the armchair, these boards can be obtained from a recycled wooden pallet if we don’t want to buy them. We should fix perfectly the boards to the lateral circumferences, so the whole structure will work properly and we wouldn’t have any surprise while we use it.

Finally we will cover it with foam and fabric on the back and the seat, so then it will be much more comfortable to use.


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