Chairs for the patio and a hammock for sunbathing


Cedric Ridouard from the blog sent us a few pictures of the different pallet furnitures that he has built for the garden, if you aren’t motivated to build them, you can always buy them on his website .

On this 2 first pictures you can see the chairs that Cedric has made with the pallets, they are painted with very bright and different colors to give more joy to the furniture, he has also included a small table made with a wooden coil. All of this furniture is for his children.



Cedric has also built these other chairs with a design for a more relaxed use , take a look at the greater inclination of the seat and the backrest , in addition they are wider. Obviously they are more suitable for reading or take a rest, besides of working or eating. I really like in particular the design of the hammock for sunbathing, with an even more inclined backrest and without armrests. A good imporve for these chairs would be some comfortable cushions with the shape of the backrests and seats, and with a upholstery that can withstand the weather conditions.



Next I show you the process of how to build one of this chairs:

 Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing

First we need the pallets.

 Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing2 Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing3

We have to deconstruct them in order to get all the necessary boards. Little by little with them we are going to build our chair, use the thicker pieces to form the structure and the finer boards to build the seat and the backrest.

Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing4 Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing5 Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing6

 Finally decorate it.

Chairs for the patio and hammock for sunbathing7

Do you like these DIY pallet chairs? Do you want to look for more pallet chairs?