Child chairs with pallets


Pedro sent us these little chairs, which has built for his daughter in the little free that time he has. Thanks to the love to the DIY hobby and his work capacity, He was able to find the time needed to build them on their days off.

The first chair built was the one on the left, but it was too much sturdy, so he decided to build a new one with a lighter appearance, using smaller wooden planks and cutting the pallets. As you can see, the chair that is somewhat larger, also keeps a small drawer inside, accessible by lifting the seat of the chair, which is attached to this structure with a hinge. All the wood has been thoroughly cleaned and sanded well, avoiding any risk to her daughter, this can be clearly seen in the beveled edges of the seats.

Child chairs with pallets 1

Child chairs with pallets 2

Thank you Pedro for sending us these pictures! and you? Would you like to make some similar chairs for your children?