Design chair built with pallet planks


This design chair built with pallets is particularly curious since it is constructed in a very unusual way, thanks to the way in which the pallet planks are placed, it achieves a striking and different design.

Design chair built with pallet planks

The wooden planks are placed alternately depending if they are part of the seat or the backrest, in order to start building the structure of the chair, Then the spaces left at the extremes are filled with more planks. Both, the extension of the seat and the backrest, are projected to the ground to also form the legs of the chair, as if it were a folding chair but it isn’t. Finally at the base were added four blocks of wood also obtained from the pallets to give even greater stability to the chair.

A very interesting design in my opinion and also affordable to be built, it can be a very decorative furniture for our living room as well as useful.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet chairs?

Source: Stéphane Trigo