Desk-shelf irregular design with pallets


Build a desk with pallets can be a great idea if we need a place to work, but why don’t do it with style? This is the case of the desktop that we present you today, a formula that mixes several pallets in chaotic way to form a peculiar desktop for your PC and a stool.

The idea is to use full European pallets, but not the standard of 1200×800, otherwise the EUR 6 800×600 type  that are smaller, just the half .

3 of these pallets form the top table where the PC is placed, all joined using some boards that are hidden under them, and the top covered with a safety glass . This table is attached to the wall by its side, and by the other side it stands over the floor with 4 more pallets, pallets that are placed irregularly forming steps, so they can be used like shelves .

Desk-shelf irregular design with pallets

Finally with another 3 pallets of the same dimensions , EUR 6 800×600 , a stool has been made following the same style. At the top a cushion has been placed upholstered in blue. The cushion can be made by ourselves easily cutting a piece of foam.

I really love the result as it’s very striking and unique, and our creativity is involved openly playing with how we place the pallets in various positions as if they were a Lego. We could further innovate within the same design as the irregularity of its composition allows it. We can add or remove pallets, change the dimensions and even cut and decompose them, or why not form 2 desks following this peculiar design?

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