High design style armchairs with pallets


Although the armachairs with pallets are not the first piece that is made from recycled wooden pallets, these armchairs do not really look like they are made of pallets. If it wasn’t because of the name of the piece “pallet armchair” it seems merely a rustic armchair for a modern or a very comfortable home. Designed by Pierre Vedel the “pallet armchair” was inspired by two actually existing armchairs: the Poang from IKEA and the Eskilstuna from Peter Andersson.

High design style armchairs with pallets

These armchairs have simple lines and a rectangular profile. A part of being made with wooden pallets, this eco-conscious armchair also has a cushion seat purchased curiosly at IKEA. The general result seems very robust and durable.

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Below you can see a picture of how the chairs are built with the pallets, and a diagram of forces showing us which are the most sensitive stress points in the armchair structure. Just to consider when you are going to build it, its weaknesses and not to get focus more than in strengthening those more sensitive areas of the armchair. Before you start building the it you must deconstruct the pallet, so I refer you to this link if you do not know how to do it easily.

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As you can see in the diagram of forces, the structural part that suffers more is the diagonal down to the ground (the one in the pink color), this bar is subjected to compressive forces especially at the ends of it, but the weakest point is where it’s supporting the seat of the chair, there the resistance of the board has a bending behaviour. That is why it’s placed perpendicular to the point where it receives these forces, so the board is able to hold more weight before getting collapsed. It would be interesting to reinforce this area using a more resistant material as the steel, or by placing a metal plate, this should help to distribute the force among the the slat. However the design of the armchair is designed to be built with wooden pallets, and support all this forces using 100% wooden materials, always we don’t change the dimensions and design.

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The armchairs with pallets can be a good design and economical solution if you are thinking to furnish your home. We invite you to try building your own pallet armchair!

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