Improve your garden with just some wooden pallets


I especially liked this picture sent us by Serafettin via our Facebook Fanpage, a montage created by him explaining perfectly how we can squeeze the pallets. Garden + pallets = a excellent spot to get relaxed outdoors.

Improve your garden with just some wooden pallets 1

Serafettin has made this furniture using only the recycled pallets that you can see in the picture above. His idea was to create a space cleaner and organized to enjoy his home outside garden. To do this he devised a chair similar to the adirondack design, which I explained how to build on this post, with a little change in their base but practically equal; to this chairs set has also been added a small table made 100% with pallets; and finally was created for all this furniture a platform, so you can enjoy the garden in a cleaner surface but still being natural, obviously this deck is also made of pallets, coated with wooden boards and placed directly over the ground, then also on the perimeter has been placed a frame made of wooden planks, to improve the finish of the deck.

Also he has varnished of the same color all the wooden furniture, so it doesn’t seems that comes from recycled origin, and all the furniture matches perfectly.

Improve your garden with just some wooden pallets 2

The result is excellent as you can see, We have obtained a precious corner and really well done, we must recognize that Serafettin has some amazing DIY skills and that is difficult to take more advantage of some pallets, so we can only congratulate and thank him that he continues sending us pictures of their works. I hope this work will motivate you, and to all of you who follow this blog, that also it encourages you to create furniture like these and improve your home.

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