Instructional video of how to make an adirondack chair with a pallet


Do you want to build an adirondack chair type with a pallet? In this video of just one minute, They will explain you how how to build a chair like the one on the picture, and only using a pallet! Of course you will need good tools as you can see, but don’t worry, this is not a very complicated piece of furniture and the video explains how to do it perfectly.

Video instructivo para hacer una silla adirondack con un palet  1

Video instructivo para hacer una silla adirondack con un palet  2

First you will have to cut the pallet by one of its support beams, this would be the seat of the pallet.


Then you have to cut the backrest from the rest of the pallet, but be careful, you must cut it having in mind that the back frame must fit between the two beams of the seat support.



Then you must add the other beam that is missing from the backrest, then insert and fix it to the seat.


Cut the the beams that protrude from the backrest under the seat, and finally add 2 front legs, fix them strongly.

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