Little kids chair made ​​with pallets


This very nice chair was sent to us by Sébastien David. It’s a kids chair, so Sébastien has taken special care to sand it very well and eliminate all possible chips and roughness. To build it Sébastien has had to disassemble an Europallet, and with the planks that he has obtained me has mounted the kids chair piece by piece.

The chair has several details that make it special to be used by children, for example, the hind legs were bent slightly to improve the stability of it, and to the surface of the wood and the angles a soft 120 sanded has been applied. An additional detail are its armrests, made ​​of wooden planks and carbon rods (like those used to make kites)

Little kids chair made ​​with pallets 2

Finally Sébastien has applied 2 coats of paint that gives the end to the chair that you can see in the pictures attached to this post.

 Little kids chair made ​​with pallets

Little kids chair made ​​with pallets 3

Thank you very much for sending us your project Sébastien,  we hope you’ll send us some new ideas!

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