Make your own folding chair



This folding chair can be a good pallet furniture idea if we have problems of space in our house, and is completely different from what we have seen in the past, since the structure with the chains works as straps, which hold up the structure of the chair. This is one of the most interesting furniture I’ve seen done with wooden pallets!

To do this we need a whole big pallet and a good saw, as we are going to cut it 2 times. The first step is cutting the side tables so we will get a sort of a mattress, with a wooden plank on each side to hold the central tables. The second step will be cutting the mattress in a half and then we will get the 2 parts of the chair: the seat and the backrest.

Now we are going to make the chair foldable, for doing it we will gather both pallet pieces with 2 hinges, the result will be the one that you see in the picture but without the chains. The chains are also fundamental to support the backrest with the base. We will join a string to each side holding the support base. We can use a carabiner, so we could remove the chain whenever we want and then get a double stool without backrest.

Finally we will add a cushion, it can be purchased or made by yourself. And we also will add some supports below the chair, in this case we have added some wheels to improve the mobility of the pallet furniture, you can buy the wheels at any hardware store, however we can also put 4 legs made ​​with wooden blocks.

And this is just a small example of what kind of pallet furniture we can do with just one pallet…

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