Improvised table with some pallets


Create a romantic atmosphere can not be easier with a few simple pallets. If you have a nice space in your garden, it may be interesting for you to create an chill-out environment like this one, using sand beach, the whiter it is the better, you can make a little corner that emulates a small Caribbean beach, obviously you’ll need to delimit this garden area where the sand is with stones or logs in order to separate one field from the other.

Makeshift table with a pallet

Once you have already prepared the ground the pallets come into play. The tables can be made as you see in the picture, just stacking a couple of pallets, and you’ll be able to sit on the ground with a simple pad leaving your bare feet on the sand, nice right? the rest of the decoration is up to you, you can add plants, candles and any other decorative elements that give a romantic touch to the space, perfect for the summer!

You can add also a set of reading chairs, like the ones that are also in the picture. Following the same system used to create the tables is easy, stacking two pallets and adding a backrest and a pair of pads to make them more comfortable.

You see that you don’t need to be an expert in DIY in order to build furniture with pallets, some of them are very easy to make, and with some taste and idea we can create special environments.

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