Pallet bookshelf and pallet outdoor chair


Mike Gaines has just sent us this 2 projects made completely with pallets:

 #1- free standing book shelf
I was ‘commissioned’ by a friend to make a free standing bookshelf/display stand. He is the pastor of a church that is ‘mobile.’ They currently meet in a school so every week they set up and tear down so everything must be pack-able into the crates that go on the trailer.
He wanted a shelf/display for Bibles so that people could see them and take them as needed.  The main shelf is made from a modified standard pallet with swing in legs on the back.  The shelves are cut so that they slide into place and are held in place with a cripple piece in the back and the weight of the items on them.  Each is spaced for a standard size 8-9 inch book.
They will be moving into a permanent facility this spring and this design will be utilized as both a freestanding type and wall mounted variant with adjustable shelves.


#2 Rocky Mountain (Adirondack style) chair
I have been a fan of the Adirondack style for as long as I can remember, but they were usually uncomfortable for me b/c I have short legs.  I found a chair on that was a ‘plastic chair knock-off’ and patterned it for use with pallets.
The chair is quite comfortable and low slung with a shallow Adirondack style slope.  I have made a few of these for family and friends and each is unique because of the nature of pallet wood. I leave the nail heads and imperfections in the wood to add character through aging.  These have been mostly raw, sanded lumber finish but will use a waterproof floor sealer to seal some in the near future with designs burned into the backs. (pics of those when they are finished)



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