Pallet wooden rocking horse for children


We recently have found a very interesting project for the youngest, of course done with pallets. It is a wooden horse that acts as a rocker. This pallet toy is very safe the for children and promotes his motor and growth development, and also helps to stimulate his imagination.

Pallet wooden rocking horse for children 1

From this little sketch, its creator began to develop the idea of the furniture. It’s always advisable to draw your ideas on a paper before you start working, it will help you to plan better your tasks, refine the final design, and achieve the needed materials and tools, it can be very annoying to be in the middle of the creation process without having all that we require.

Pallet wooden rocking horse for children 2

This piece of furniture consists of 3 key parts: the base, the body and the head. The base contains the curve planks to balance the horse and the legs that support the weight of the child; the body is where the child will sit and the structure where the rest of the parts fit together; Finally the head is the most decorative part of the horse and the place where the child will cling.

Pallet wooden rocking horse for children 4

All the parts are made with the planks that we ​​previously have obtained from a pallet. Build the horse as you like, but the best is to follow the design that we propose you, because it works perfectly and it wouldn’t give you bigger problems. Don’t forget to sand properly all the planks in search of chips, other way it can be dangerous for the baby.

Pallet wooden rocking horse for children 3

Finally, we have carefully added some details like the tail and the hair of the animal, using wool yarn your furniture will be much nicer.

Do you like this rocking horse for the kids bedroom? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet chairs?