Public wooden benches made of recycled wooden pallets in Kristiansand, Norway


This is a photo of a curious group of pallet benches that caught a facebook user when he was walking in one street in kristiansand, Norway. As you can see they are just some simple wooden benches to get relaxed in the street, all made ​​with wooden pallets.

The bench construction is very simple, you can see that for each bench has been only used 4 pallets, 3 of them have been cut and stacked horizontally to form the seat, they are supported by the action of gravity so they don’t have to be fixed, by the way if you wish you can always glue them with wood glue. The back is made with a whole pallet placed vertically, in this case it would be necessary to fix it with nails to the seat structure, so then the whole structure would be more stable.


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