Simple bench with pallet planks for your yard


Sebastien has sent us again an affordable project that will do a good service in our yard. Decorative and practical this pallet stool is reachable to everybody and you only need a pallet to create it.

Simple bench with pallet planks for your yard 1

Notice that only 2 planks build the bench seat, of course previously taken from a pallet and polished considerably, like Sebastien normally treats his furniture. The seat is built on a triangular structure, each one performed with 2 diagonal planks that are fixed by the middle with a small strip, we only have to cut these planks like the ones in the picture to make them work as legs, to join them to the seat we’ll need to nail some nails from the top. The detail of the small strip set between the legs is very important, it will help the legs to don’t get separated from the seat by excess of weight or movement.

Simple bench with pallet planks for your yard 2

Depending on the length of the stool it’s interesting to build a reinforce on the seat planks, in this case it has been set under the seat a parallel plank and another perpendicular to secure it with nails, it would be even possible to stand up over the stool without breaking it.

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