Stool design made ​​with pallets


This stool design made ​​with pallets was created by Sascha Akkerman, a german designer who usually creates his works from wood and other materials. This pallet furniture can be great in your kitchen.

Sascha to create these stools first deconstructed the needed pallet. If you don’t know how to do it here I explain how to dismantle a pallet.

Stool design made ​​with pallets

After obtaining the strips, cut them with different angular shapes, in a completely irregular way, then combine them with other planks crossing them. The base of the stool is wider than the top so that’s why they have more stability, like the classic stools used for milking cows.

At the top of the pallet Sascha has placed a tapestry that mimics the fur of an animal, but you can use any kind of tapestry, or even not to put any.

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