Stools made from pallet wooden blocks


A good idea may be to harness the pallet wooden blocks and create stools with them. Being solid, after uniting the blocks, we’ll obtain a solid and heavy piece, this is ideal to make low stools, and hardly lose balance.

The stools of the above picture, for example, are made cutting the ends of the planks of some europalets, if you take a look closer to the piece, you’ll see the cut plank nailed to the wooden block. later the blocks have been joined using wooden glue. You don’t need anything else.

Stools made from pallet wooden blocks

 Stools made from pallet wooden blocks 2

 Stools made from pallet wooden blocks 3

Combining different colors and putting the pieces in different ways, you can find a result with more personality, take a look to the examples in these pictures.

Stools made from pallet wooden blocks 4

They are all very easy to make and hardly require serious DIY skills, you don’t even need to use a hammer, with the wooden glue it will suffice.

If you also want to improve the comfort of the stool, add to it a cushion or an upholstered foam, it will be more likable to use. If you don’t do this Intend to get a very flat and smooth surface, It can be be very uncomfortable to sit up there for more than 10 minutes. 😉

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