Swing made with wooden pallets


Recently we showed you how to make a swinging sofa with pallets in this entry. Today we propose you a similar idea, but a little bit simpler, a mean easy to do, and also one design that I personally love. Please follow the construction process below.

First cut the pallet by its half with a radial saw, so we will get the the seat os the swing.

   Swing made with wooden pallets

 Swing made with wooden pallets_2

 Swing made with wooden pallets_3

Next with the boards that we have obtained from the other half of the pallet (we have to extract them from the pallet structure), we have to fill the remaining gaps of the seat to make it as a table. In case you don’t know how to do dismantelle the boards, here we show you how to easily do it. To fix the boards to the seat you just have to nail them or even use some wooden glue.

 Swing made with wooden pallets_4

Finally we will give the final touch to the swing, first we will sand the wood and later we will paint or varnish it, it’s important this last step because the swing is going to be ubicated outside, so it will have to suffer constanly the attacks of the rain and the sunlight. To hang it we can use some chains or even a rope as you can see in the first photo. Whatever you choose to hang the swing, remember to fix it perfectly to the roof, using a mechanical system and some epoxy glue, then it will be able to support much more weight.

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