Fencing made ​​of integral pallets


This metal sculpture created by Faustino Aizkorbe, can be found at Irurita, Navarra. Faustino Aizkorbe is an internationally renowned artist who makes sculptures mostly for public spaces, in this case the company specialized in steel constructions Ariz, was commissioned to do this work of Corten steel. It’s amazing how even sculptures of pallets can be found, made ​​of more durable materials. You also can emulate this sculpture using original wooden pallets, although the duration in time will not be the same, the aesthetic result will be.

Fencing made ​​of integral pallets 2

 Fencing made ​​of integral pallets

This is a sculpture itself, basically its function is purely decorative and artistic, but its shape is very familiar to us, as it emulates a conventional fence. So inspired by this piece of art, maybe this way of placing the pallets can also be a good idea to create a nice fence for your home or farm.

Fencing made ​​of integral pallets 3

Here you can see another sculpture by Faustino also inspired by the pallets.

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