6 pools built with pallets


Today we show you 6 different pools built partially or completely using pallets, so you can see that is something accessible to everyone, and that many people have ventured to create them.


If you do not have dry heather or reeds, you can cover the pallets with a pretty piece of fabric as in this example.


Or simply use a roll of reeds like here.


Of all the proposals surely this is the most simple and complete with step by step pictures of all the process, you have the post on this link.


Any size is good, you can make even jacuzzis with pallets like this. Here you have the plans to build it.


One of the easiest methods is to use a cheap pool and simply cover it using pallet planks. You can see the instructions of this pool here.


The last one corresponds to a very complete video with the instructions on how to build one. In this link you have the videos.

Good luck with your swimming pools! 🙂