A bike made of wooden pallets!


Today I want to show you this particular project, it’s more a curiosity than anything else, but hey… if you like it you can always make one, because it can be a fantastic gift for your child or for a friend. It’s not exactly a piece of furniture… it’s a bike! The bike of course is made competly of wooden boards from pallets.

 The creator is a boy from Glasgow who decided to improve his ecology, not only using a bicycle to spend 0 energy going to study every day, also constructing this bike with recycled materials, and what is better than recycled wooden pallets for doing this!? everything always under the slogan of: “Cycling and Recycling”




Basically to build it this Scottish boy has dismantled a wooden pallet, and thanks to the obtained boards and other bicycle parts from a forgotten bike (strings, pedals, brakes etc …) he has built this new one. Notice that the mechanics that he has chose are quite simple, it has no gearshift and only one V-brake, so I don’t recomend you to reach high speeds with this little wooden bullet 😉

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