A chicken coop made ​​with pallets


This interesting idea is a chickens coop made with wooden pallets . To build it the creator has used an old recovered water tank, recycled pallets and finally some wooden boards bought in a carpentry store.

The idea is to basically place horizontally the water tank and remove the cover of one of the sides, so we’ll obtain an open shed made with a small cylinder. Then the pallets have been used to make the interior more comfortable for the animals, as you can see in the picture below.

A chicken coop made ​​with pallets2

A chicken coop made ​​with pallets

A pallet has been placed into the cylinder withstood by its sides, and another pallet has been cut and adapted to the lateral space between the circumferential wall and the ground defined by the pallet, making the poultry house is more protected.

Finally to get the result of the photo which advertises this post, using some wooden boards bought in a carpentry store, the interior pallets have been coated and painted, so the end is much more professional. A small space on the wall made of wooden boards with a metal roof has also been adapted, the roof can be removed to put inside the grain. A small ramp has also been built for the chickens to access to the interior.

This construction is a chicken coop, but it may be used for any type of animals that have a similar size, such as rabbits or guinea pigs . Note also that the tank is not insulated , so if it is exposed directly to the sun, it can reach very high temperatures and literally roast the animals living inside it, so it is highly recommended to place the chicken coop on a very shady place, or to isolate it properly with polyurethane foam.

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