A good idea, signs made with pallet boards!


It is certainly an excellent pallet furniture idea, You only have to take a look to the pictures that come with this post. A great way to decorate your home or business can be to make sign with the pallet boards. The customized signs can combine their colors with the decor of the place, they can be just jokes, famous quotes or occurrences related to your business, or even product promotions that you are selling. the point is that you make them, so you can customize them in any way that you like, being adapted to the situation that suits better to you… either decorative and/or commercial.

signs made with pallet boards 1

How to do them? That’s the best thing that’s something very simple, at the end they are just a few coupled boards together, the only thing that is really laborious and requires a certain art, is to paint on the poster, to do this yo need to have a certain ability drawing, or at least a friend that draws very well. However if you don’t have a good pulse there are other options, for example one that can be done by anyone and leaves an interesting result is to use stencils and a spray to paint, it’s easier than drawing directly on the boards and the result can be just as good or even better, I explain you at this post how to do it. The last option is the one that is more accessible to everyone, it’s simply to paste a poster on the boards, though you will have to age it a little bit to it fit better with the vintage style of the boards, also you will have to make some cuts on to the poster where the boards are joined, of course all of this should be done after pasting the poster.

signs made with pallet boards 2

To join the boards you also have more than a choice, either you can put a crosstab from behind and nail it with nails, as you see in the example picture, or you can glue them using wooden glue,  the sign will not have to support any weight so it can also be a good choice.

Here there are some excellent examples of posters made of pallets, some with ads that are already classics for all of us, others simply copied and adapted with a funny message Any idea is good so put your brain to think!

 signs made with pallet boards 3

This idea is good to separate the ladies and men bathrooms, although in this case it’s mixed.

signs made with pallet boards 4

signs made with pallet boards 5

signs made with pallet boards 6

signs made with pallet boards 7

signs made with pallet boards 8

I hope you liked this idea and soon you’ll put it in practice, if you do it don’t forget to send us some pictures to our Facebook page so everyone can see them.

Do you like this pallet signs for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?