Advent Calendar with pallets for Christmas


Christmas is almost there and I am sure many of you are thinking of gifting something unique and original. Today we have a very interesting and fun proposal where they show us the process of how to make this advent calendar, shaped like a Christmas tree and made with pallets, something very typical in the German culture.

This includes various bags that indicate the remaining days for the Santa Claus visit. From day 1 to December 24, there are 24 numbered bags representing the calendar days with its corresponding number. Inside each bag there’s a little gift, but the most meaningful gift is in the bag on 24. This pallet christmas tree is very decorative and original for these dates.

r_arbol de navidad

If you look at the picture, we have taken from a pallet all the necessary planks, and have cut them with different lengths to emulate a firs shape. Then 24 clothespins have been fixed with wooden glue, uniformly in each of the planks. Is at this clothespins where we are going to hang the little bags.

r_arbol de navidad 2

Then we have applied a layer of white paint diluted with some water, in order to give it a more vintage feel. Think, you can customize the tree with whatever the colors you want, green red and white are the most appropriate colors for Christmas days.

r_arbol de navidad 4

As you can see in the picture, they have taken care of all the details. You can appreciate this in how they have covered the tree foot with a cloth sack and a rope, which combines with the colors of wooden pallets.

r_arbol de navidad 3

Finally, they have added the paper bags, with its day number handwritten; They have also added some Christmas balls on the top of the tree, giving to it a more Christmas feel. This fir made with pallets, is an excellent decorative and functional object, made ​​from recyclable materials for the house, which can be used year after year. It is very suitable for the whole family, especially for the children, who keenly wait for the arrival of Santa Claus.

r_arbol de navidad5

Do you like this pallet calendar for the hall? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?