Amazing floor lamp made with pallets


Incredible lamp ehich has been sent us to our Facebook page! A great idea that brilliantly takes use of the pallet planks to create an object of a striking design. If you want to create a lamp using pallets surely this can be your inspiration.

Amazing floor lamp made with pallets 1

Amazing floor lamp made with pallets 2

The concept is based on joining the pallet planks building a spiral, using a steel core which may be a large bolt or a rod rebar. The wooden planks should be fixed in 2 ways, one is mechanically perforating the boards, and introducing them one by one on the bolt; and chemically, using wood glue between the surface of each plank. All the planks are the same size and come from a pallet, they have been cut and cleaned for the occasion.

As you can see the hole is made in the same place on each plank, the only thing that changes is how we place them, moving them a little one by one like a deck of cards, then these planks are all glued.

The base of the lamp has been built with part of the structure of a pallet, the pallet has been cut using the wooden blocks as little legs.

Amazing floor lamp made with pallets 3

Amazing floor lamp made with pallets 4

As its creator says, the lamp is painted in a walnut color, leaving the streaks in order to obtain a more antique look. The total height of the spiral lamp is 1.10m (3.6 ft), and the balloon has been recycled from a previous lamp. The bulb is a 60watt one and turns on and off with a foot switch located on the ground, the cable is placed hidden following the design of the spiral.

Amazing floor lamp made with pallets 5

This is a project with high personality and affordable for anyone starting in the DIY world with pallets, the result is very decorative and also original.

Do you like this pallet lamp for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?