Amazing pub in front of the sea with a super pallets chill-out


A few weeks ago I was so lucky to be in such a great place, in fact it seems that lately it is becoming very fashionable, is the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia. The Gili Islands are 3 small coral atolls that are located northwest of the island of Lombok, as you can imagine this is a place of dreams, where you can go diving for a few days by their coral reefs, see the unique marine species of the area, and when night falls go to watch the sunset accompanied by a cold beer Bintang.



Each of the 3 islands has its own personality, Gili Air is located closer to the coast of Lombok, Gili Meno is between the other two and is the smallest, also has a small lake and is very quiet, and Finally, the island where I was, Gili Trawangan is the liveliest and most atmospheric and also the farthest one. Logically at Gili Trawangan there are dozens of bars and clubs with an atmosphere of chill-out and backpackers, and was hanging around one of these beaches where I found this great bar.

Well the bar is located across the road, right on the beach you will find what we call a huge terrace, where is this tier made ​​entirely of wooden pallets. The idea is great, since it allows us to enjoy  the beach but much more comfortably, without having to be on the sand, in addition, the fact that they have placed the pallets like a tier allows us to fully enjoy the views of the sea.



As you can see in the photos the settings of the furniture has no secret, in fact it can not be easier, it’s just a few pallets painted in white and stacked to form a tier, well there is also a row every 2 pallets forming the backrests, not even those have had to be set between them as they fit perfectly and are supported by their own weight. In addition they have added a few outdoor cushions to make it much more comfortable to lie down for a beer or dinner.



Lighting is another key aspect of this terrace, besides being very aggressive it is very warm so it takes us to a much more relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere. Several light bulbs were placed under the pallets to give this indirect light that shines but is not the protagonist, plus of course bringing a warm tonality. Finally several candles were placed on the tables to make of this terrace a very romantic and magical place.



Anyway I hope you enjoyed this beautiful pub and that you feel encouraged to emulate it in your town, surely you will have great success.

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