Armchairs and coffee table for decorating a corner of your house


This is the corner of Daisy where she alone has created this DIY pallet furniture, 2 armchairs and a coffee table for your winter garden. They are all have been based on the use of recycled materials like are the wooden pallets. In the second picture you can see how she has cut the pallets with the right width, they were 4 complete pallets.




Cleaning the pallets is also very important as they use to come very dirty, for doing this it has been used pressurized water with a Kartcher machine, many of you who have a garden have also this machine to clean the floors and blinds. It’s important to use the appropriate water pressure because the wood fibers could break.


The choice of the colors is something left to everyone’s taste, in this case I decided to use some bright colors because the furniture would be located in the backyard of the garden. It is much more convenient to paint the pallets prior to their assembly. The best option is to use a paint kind able for outdoors, The one used in the photography is used normally to paint windows.


To set up the backups it was used an old wood pine bed underused, it was cut the wood needed to adequately support and fix the pallets that worked as the back. Wooden boards can be screwed or nailed easily to the seat structure.


If you want to see how this table was built you can take a look to it here:
DIY Coffee table made with pallets.


The good taste for the decoration is the key if you want to add personality to your pallets, if not they look like a sad furniture. A few simple printed cushions or some blankets can give the special touch to improve the furniture decoration, again this is allways a very personal choice but an essential final step…


And here you can see the end result, the use of recycled pallets for DIY furniture purposes can be very useful!

Do you like this DIY pallet furniture? Do you want to loof for more DIY pallet sofas and DIY pallet tables?