Bedside lamps made with pallets


These bedside lamps were sent by “diabblo” to our Fanpage on Facebook, it’s not the first time that him send us furniture made from pallets, and this time they are 2 small bedside lamps, for for example reading in the bed.

Bedside lamps made with pallets 1

There are 2 twin lamps built with 2 recycled elements, 2 hinges of an old wardrobe and a pallet.

Bedside lamps made with pallets 2

They were going to throw the cabinet, so diabblo decided to give a second chance to the hinges, he removed them from the doors and painted with varnish retaining its original black color.

Bedside lamps made with pallets 3

In this picture you can see all the elements needed to create these lamps, the end of a cut pallet, the hinges, a bulb support, a traditional bulb light, cable and a switch also are necessary.

Bedside lamps made with pallets 4

Here we can see how was prepared the angle of the pallet to become lamp, 3 holes were made, 2 on the top for hanging it, and one more for the cable, just where will be the bulb holder, then the piece of wood was painted with white painting.

    Bedside lamps made with pallets 5

As you can see the hinge is fixed to the base with screws, then the bulb holder has been placed in the hole in the top, this hole have to be drilled in the metal, the cable with the switch passes through the hole in the wood. The final dimensions of the lamp are 10.5 high by 7.5 cms wide.

Bedside lamps made with pallets 6

Bedside lamps made with pallets 7

Do you like this pallet lamps or the bedroom? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?