Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets


A good idea about how to use your recycled wooden pallets could be a cross circuit for bikes or motorcycles. If you have a good space on a field and you’re a big fan of this sport it’s a great option! , you can even begin a business or start a meeting place for fans and friends, it’s a similar idea that the one that we saw here: Make a paintball court with some recycled pallets

it requires a large space, pallets and ideas, and a big desire to have fun !

Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets2

Here you can see some pictures that can inspire you to have your own ideas for a cross circuit, in the photo above thanks to a few recycled pallets and some trunks we have created a bridge. It’s important to stabilize well the pallets on the trunks and not let them move, either by placing them properly , using the weight of the pallets and trunks , or even using nails and other supports to make all the components work together.

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets3

More complex elements like this kind of slope or camber can also be built with our pallets, previously we have to deconstruct the boards of the pallet. We will create a structure and triangulate it properly, so it will be able to support a lot of weight , we insist that safety is the most important matter, we should invest on the stability of the structures that we build , the jumps of the bicycles and motorcycles can hit with great force there where they fall. In the photo above the post you can see a bicycle running over this structure.

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets4

Here you can see a series of intersecting roads built with some distance over the ground , it’s similar to the bridge idea but much more developed . The pallets are connected in series and they are supported over another structure built with some other pallet boards.

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets5

And this is probably the easiest way to create a half-pipe with pallets either for bikes or skates , the pallets rest on a wall building the base structure , over them there’s a table of considerable dimensions and not too thick so it can take the form of a half-pipe curve .

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets6

We can also make a huge half-pipe using only pallets , having it a considerable size we won’t notice the pallets under our bike wheels, however it’s not recommendable for skateboards use.

 Bikes circuit built ​​with wooden pallets7

Finally we want to show you this little obstacle built with stacked pallets and a few large tables , this is definitely the easiest way to build a simple and practical obstacle.

Of course you can include many other recycled elements in your circuit, such as oil drums , concrete pipes , beams etc … in most os the cases you can recycle many items that are no longer under use and for free, or just for a simbolical fee.

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