Books exchange box made with pallets


I found This idea very interesting, not only because of being made with pallets, also because of the concept proposed to ease the exchange in neighboring communities. The project has been sent to our facebook page through Did & Co Little Garden, another magnificent web space of handmade and recycled ideas.

Books exchange box made with pallets

The idea is based on a book exchange space ubicated in a public place, for example in the same street in a suburb or a neighborhood. People can leave there these books that want to exchange, and are completely dispensable for that person, in return they can pick any other day in the same place a book placed by another person, Great idea right? It’s the perfect way to generate free culture thanks to the collaboration and solidarity of all the community.

Obviously there are many ways to build this little box of exchange, any recycled object can be useful to reach this end, but we, of course, will focus on the use of the pallets. You can do a similar little house to the one that we show you in this picture, you just have to get the needed planks from a pallet and cut them to the required measures, then join them together to create something like a birdhouse. The only requirements that you must consider are always: that the house must be waterproof and keep well covered the books, to install a little door to allow access to the inside to take or put more books, and to have a size enough to let contain inside books of almost any size. Then you simply have to install it in your street and wait until it starts to get full of books 🙂 also you cna put a little sign explaining how it works…

A very interesting project that is not just a new way of using the pallets creatively, also it’s a whole way of understanding life.

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