Bridge built with recycled pallets


Bridge built with recycled pallets

The bridges made ​​from pallets can be a good solution to an obvious problem such as unstable ground or a small river.

In the case that we have a land or an access to a farm , it can happen that when it rains flooding from a little stream or small river end up affecting a road, in summer it can be easily accessible and not very complicated, but in fall crossing the river can be a great adventure due to the excess water .

Using some pallets and placing them properly can save a small river easily and with so little work, we only have to place them where is the water and secure it well with some big rocks, think that a future major flood can take the out the pallets! In the case that the depth of the water is larger or simply we want to give more strength to our bridge, we only have to accumulate some more pallets one above the other , this will give a greater separation between the path and the water and also a greater weight to the system, making it much more difficult to shift even if  the amount of water increases, you can see a good example this on the photo at the beginning of this post .

Bridge built with recycled pallets2

In the picture above you see also a good example of a bridge made of pallets, it would be impossible to pass by here if it wasn’t by the pallets, the pallets have also been buried at the margins for an easy access to the bridge, and also preventing losing them because of an eventually river flood.

 Bridge built with recycled pallets3

Here you can see another bridge that significantly improves a trail. What was once a difficult obstacle if we access the trail with a bike, now it’s a very easy to cross path. Also the way is defined with some stones so we cannot slip up the front wheel of the bicycle.

Bridge built with recycled pallets4

Beware of the poor maintenance of a bridge, it can also become a trap for its users , you can see a clear example of this in the previous photo.

Bridges can be built as the examples of these photos, much more simple and practical, just to save a specific problem that we have or even a long term solution, but also thanks to the pallets we can develop a more complex bridge structure with a greater resistance to use it over the time. It’s just a matter of  planning well our project, and also use the components and structures that will help us to improve the stability of the bridge system, such as brackets , screws etc…

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