Build a Christmas wreath with pallets


Among many of the projects that we have shown you to prepare the Christmas, today we want to share with you one that, like the wood of the pallets, it’s recyclable and can be used for other uses after the holidays.

It is a beautiful wreath made from a pallet, whose strings wicker easy hang on the front door of our house. Moreover, thanks to its shape mimics that of a rectangular box, we can hang in environments like the kitchen to save the settings, or bedroom and study for storing books, pencils, pens, or anything that we can be useful . Also you can customize the colors with your favorite accessories.

This project will take only 40 minutes do it.

Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 1

First, the materials and tools that you are going to need are: a pallet, a rope, a hammer, a saw, nails, sandpaper or a sander, and a lever or crowbar.

Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 2

Then we have to take the pallet and dismantle it with the help of the lever and the hammer, just extracting its planks. Once we have obtained them, we’ll cut three boards of 30.4 cm (12 ”) to make the front, the rear and the lower, and two other boards of 7.6 cm (3 ”) for the sides.

Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 3

Then sand the surface of the planks using the sandpaper to achieve a smoother texture. Next we’ll post the planks forming a rectangle with the nails and the hammer, as we show in the following pictures.

 Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 4

Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 5

Finally, we’ll take a piece of plastic sheet to put at the base of the box, and fill the planter with potting soil, as if it were a pot. Then do some knots on both sides of the box and place the plant that you like. We have chosen the typical Christmas plant of red flowers, the poinsettia. However, you can put objects like figures of Santa Claus, reindeers, or balls with some fir branches etc. You can also stamp on the box phrases like: Happy New Year! or Happy Holidays !

Build a Christmas wreath with pallets 7

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