Build a nice pallet blind


The wood from the pallets allows us endless possibilities in the world of carpentry, with them we can design all kinds of DIY pallet furniture, from sofas to large buildings such as wooden houses of different shapes and styles. Today however, we want to show a completely different project, for those who want to give to their home windows a new style using the pallets.

The blinds can be placed inside or outside of your house, they allow us to protect the rooms from the heat and light during the different seasons. Many of them are made from materials such as plastic or aluminum, but with the wood from the pallets we also can build them.

 Build a nice pallet blind 1

First, the materials and tools that you are going to need are: pallet boards, a sander or sandpaper, a saw, a screwdriver, wire, metal rings or hooks to hold the pallet planks and a bar or rai . These last two parts can be recycled from an old curtain that you no longer use.

Once you have the pallet already disassembled we’ll sand their planks with the help of the sandpaper. Then cut the boards along in 2 pieces and make them a small hole on the top where we will place the metal rings. We’ll make another second hole in the middle of the boards where the wire will join and keep them tidy. The fact of cutting them in a half will help the task of closing or open the blind easily.

Build a nice pallet blind 2

Build a nice pallet blind 3

Once we have repeated this process for all the planks, we only have to put them on the bar, and we already have our pallet curtain finished. Remember that if you fancy, you can varnish or paint the boards as you like. In our case we wanted to keep the natural color of the wood, because it combines better with the colors of the window frame and the bedroom furniture.

Build a nice pallet blind 4

Do you like this pallet furniture for the bedroom? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?