build a sawhorse with ​​wooden pallets


From DIY pallet furniture we are going to show you how to make a handy sawhorse with wooden pallets, it’s very simple and useful, as it may be usefull to make a temporary table whenever and wherever we want.

The construction is very simple and can be easily checked by looking at the photo, however it’s important to do well all the structural work as it’s described… if not the sawhorse can collapse, and all the food will fall to the ground, just before you start the feast with our sawhorse table!

To do the wooden sawhorse we’ll make 2 inverted T’s, which they will be the axis of the structure and legs support, everything will be always fixed with nails, avoid the glue so then the sawhorse will be able to hold more weight.


As you can see, the inverted T’s should have bevelled wings (angled) in order to set the boards as the legs, and then tilt them to rely on the top one over the other. Having done this we will have 2 supports with 2 legs each, which together would make the wooden sawhorse.

Finally we will have to join together the 2 supports, we will join them with 2 boards by the top, this boards will be where we support later the table, you should better put 2 tables, one on each side of the base of the T’s, if you put only one then the system wouldn’t be solid enough. And finally in the lower side we will put also 2 boards to give a greater consistency to the structure, as  you can see in the photo. Also we could end up saving them, but then the sawhorse hardly could afford too much weight… so much better if we give this final touch.

As you can see the finish look is great and it seems a very professional wooden sawhorse, it will be enough to do all the functions that we need from it.

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