Build a solar shower with pallets


Today from DIY Pallet Furniture we explain you how to build a solar shower. It was built with 0 cost in a U.S.S. farm. It is a somewhat crude but definitely interesting for those who want to have one shower in the garden or in your cottage and they don’t want to spend a penny. The cabin is made with recycled wooden pallets, dismantled board by board and then united to create a space with four walls and a small door. In the floor we will place the pallets without dismounting them, just to make a stage where the water would be able to drain to the ground.

There woulkdn’t be no need of building a roof because it is an outdoor shower. If you want to know how to disassemble the pallets here I explain how to do it easily: How to disassemble pallets?



To build this solar shower will need several things: a hose, better of a black color, a glass box like the one in the picture where we will place the hose, a shower, a deposit, you can recycle an old one and valves and other plumbing fittings to connect the system.


In this diagram you can see how you have to install the solar shower. The system works with the heat of the sun. The sun emits infrared rays, this rays will heat the hose inside the glass box, then the water inside the hose will get heat and flow into the tank. The system will work only if there’s sun, and the water will not stop circulating between the hose and the tank, so the tank will always have hot water in its interior.


The pressure of the water flowing from the solar shower can be achieved using the Archimedes’ principle, placing the water tank in a higher than the shower, or thanks to the water pressure of the network, connecting it directly to the main network and maintaining the  entire system filled with water containing always the pressure. Another solution is to install a pump, but this will make the system more complex and electricity depending.


Here’s the detail of the interior of the solar shower, as you can see you wouldn’t need to much engineers to build it! You just need a little of motivation and find the materials out there … Well then? Are you going to build your own solar shower?!

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