Case and small decorative chandelier with pallets


We continue with this other project from Remi that he has also sent us, with the previous sofa and table. It consists of a small wooden box where can be placed over it 3 candles, in fact in the previous post you may see the case on the table.

The kit consists of two parts, both worked with hammer and a spike, the first is the basis and has been worked a hollow inside. The second is the cover, with exactly the same size, above it it has 3 holes to place the candles.

As shown in the picture, the wood has been polished generously, avoiding any sharp edges and giving the appearance of being brand new. Being a small object we strive to perfect the finish. Finally join the 2 pieces with 2 small hinges setting the case.

Case and small decorative chandelier with pallets

Remi Thanks again for sending your works.

Do you like tis pallet furniture?