Chicken coop built with reclaimed wood


Mickael sent us this interesting chicken coop made with reclaimed wood and pallets.

As you can see much of the wood used to build it was obtained from dismantled wooden pallets, it’s not easy to extract the planks from the pallets, it’s quite laborious, but once done we can build almost anything with them. To build the the chicken coop also has been used other types of reclaimed wood that complement the pallets, for example to build the floor and the roof of the coop, this can help us to simplify the construction because we don’t need to join a lot of planks, if we wooden pieces are of a considerable size.

Chicken coop built with reclaimed wood

The design has been thought to make easier the chickens live inside, that’s why the construction is elevated over the ground and also perfectly covered, with a little small entrance, this elevation protects the chickens from floodings and animals, however it can be perfectly used with other farm animals and of a similar size such as rabbits.

The fact to use the pallets to build this useful items is a very good proposal, the design is not a priority and also it isn’t necessary to worry about the quality of the recycled wood, or even how we build the project.

Thanks a lot for your project Mickael!

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