Chill-out grandstand made ​​of recycled wooden pallets


Here is a DIY grandstand created with recycled wooden pallets, it can be used to do shows for children in the garden, such as for birthdays or other partys, the idea is that they can sit comfortably while they are watching the show (magicians, clowns… you know…) In addition to the original concept, the stands can be used as a chill-out area for adults, just to relax there if we accompany the structure with several cushions and some gin-tonics.

The component parts are 100% recycled wooden pallets, almost there’s no change in the original pallets used, in fact you don’t have to fix them between them. The back part at the end of the grandstand is formed with the rear top of some pallets and fixed to the horizontal pallet structure.

Chill-out_grandstand_made ​_of_recycled_wooden_pallets

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