Chill-Out outdoor DIY pallet furniture


This is a simple DIY pallet furniture project that consists on a simple chill-out made of recycled wooden pallets​​. This pallet furniture project is very easy to do and very attractive at the same time, so I thought it was very interesting to share it with you.

As you can see in the photo above, the pallets just work horizontally to bear over them the cushions. In the case of the table it’s simply the conjunction of two pallets with the bottom boards removed, and then painted with an ocher paint. If you want to know how to dismantelle the pallets take a look here: How to disassemble pallets?


The secret to build the sofas are the cushions, as yo have seen in the table, to sustain the structure of the sofas you only need a pallet without the bottom boards, it’s the same idea with the only difference that over the pallets a foam mattresses has been placed,  with a suitable fabric just to look as a sofa. You don’t need to create any complex structure to work as the back of the sofa, just put some cushions against the wall ans that’s it!

By using the same kind of structure and fabric to all the furniture, does all the group to look much better.


In contrast of what we have seen before, creating these hammocks is a little bit more difficult, that’s because although the philosophy of the structure is the same, we need to create a more elaborated system to raise the back up and down from the hammock. These mobile backs are built with the same slats from the pallets, We will join them to the base structure with some hinges. Then we will need some wedges placed under the back to give it a soft slope, this wedeges can also be made of reused wooden pallets.

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