Christmas centerpiece made ​​with pallets


At Christmas, I’m sure that many of you may have a lot of visitors in your homes, family and friends to celebrate these special days. We have thought that to give a warmer and homely feel to the living room, the hall or the dining room, it could be interesting to make a Christmas pallet centerpiece. It’s very easy to build, though, you’ll have to use your imagination to decorate it with Christmas items like candles, fir branches, pine cones, glitter bows and small Christmas figures.

Christmas center made ​​with pallets 1

To build it first, we are going to disassemble the pallet in order to remove its planks. After clean up the planks with warm water and soap, with the help of a scrubber remove the dirt completely. If you want you can also sand the boards with sandpaper, you will avoid chips and get a smoother surface without any roughness.

Christmas center made ​​with pallets 2

Then with a hand saw, cut off 4 boards; two of 50 cm (20 “) and two more of 20 cm (8”) long. In any case, the measures can be free depending on the size you would give to the center. Finally you have to cut a plank that will work as the base for the centerpiece box, just cut it with the same dimensions of the other planks.

To set together the future centerpiece we are going to use special wooden glue, galvanized screws and a power drill. However, the adhesive can be enough.

Once we have finished the body, add 4 feet made of the wooden scraps leftover from the pallet. Its measures shall be 2’5cm x 2’5cm (1 “x1”). Finally, fix the feet on the bottom of the centerpiece and wait for it to dry.

Christmas center made ​​with pallets 3

Now that the centerpiece is done,  we have the option to leave it as it is for a more rustic feel, like example showed on the photographs, or apply two coats of white paint, and wait for it to dry.

In the case that you choose the second option, once the paint has been dried, you can also add a screen printing on the wood. We can make a screen drawing with a pencil any design that we like, and then cut it with a scissors, finally put the screen over the wood and paint all the holes using a brush and acrylic paint. Also you can simply paint anything that you like on the centerpiece, just give to it your personal touch.

Now it’s time to put all the Christmas decor inside the centerpiece. They can be bought at any store, or you can also put some pine cones and dried flowers that you’ll find in the woods, fir branches are also precious as candles.

  Christmas center made ​​with pallets 4

Christmas center made ​​with pallets 5

Christmas center made ​​with pallets 6

Do you like this pallet furniture for the dinning room? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet furniture?