Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets


Christmas is almost there,  and many of you are thinking of gifting something original, useful and pleasing to your lucky friend. A good choice are handmade gifts, which have added value as we dedicate our time and skills, creating and designing them for our friends and relatives, which will feel very special and unique as the gift they receive. Today we want to show you a list of possible ideas very suitable for the Christmas time.

A good example could be this shelf, that we showed you a few months ago on our website. I’s useful to keep the kitchen species, pasta, flour and many other products. The glass jars are screwed to the furniture using their corresponding lid. It’s easy to build and very convenient, since it allows us to maximize the space and keep the kitchen tidy. This shelf is very suitable for small kitchens.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 1

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 2

A rustic style centerpiece made ​​of pallets can be a good choice as a gift. It requires little time to build it and is a functional and beautiful object. Is it possible to put inside the cutlery, soaps for the bathroom or even flowers for the dining room. It’s the perfect decorative object for any spot of our house.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 3

Another idea is this clock wall made of pallets, with a nice silkscreen on the wood that can be adapted to your tastes. Being very easy to do, this project is very suitable for those who are getting started in the world of DIY.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 4

If you have friends or relatives who are wine lovers, you can always make them a wine rack, it’s ideal to organize our wine bottles and have them available in the dining room or the kitchen.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 5

A good gift for those who have a garden, could be this bird feeder made ​​with pallets and a bottle of wine …

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 6

And for the pets could be a doghouse. You need a lot of time because it’s more laborious to build.

Geschenkideen zu Weihnachten mit Paletten7

If your friend doesn’t have room for a dog house, a pet bed can also be a good gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 8

Finally, a Christmas gift for the little ones, this wooden chicken is like a rocking wooden horse. It’s a beautiful toy for children from 0-4 years.

Christmas Gift Ideas made ​​with pallets 9

If you have not found any gift that you like, don’t worry, there are many other ideas that you can do with pallets, you just have to take a look to the blog categories or the search engine, in order to discover hundreds of pallet projects and get inspired.

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