Christmas trees made ​​with pallets


“Winter is comming ,” and it’s time to decorate our homes with Christmas! and as you know the star item is the Christmas tree, but Christmas trees hold many disadvantages, such as the high prices for these dates or what to do with the tree when the holidays have passed … also is not a very environmentally friendly , think about it… grow a tree just to abuse him and then throw it away…

Recently a friend asked me the idea of ​​making a Christmas tree using wooden pallets , I realized that it was a very good idea because not everyone can afford to buy a new tree every year, or simply they don’t want to have a tree in the living room of their houses letting the whole floor full of leaves … make a Christmas tree with pallets is a much more eco approach , especially when we compare them with the plastic trees sold in the stores .

Below I show you some examples of how to make these trees :

arbol de navidad con palets3

We will discuss how to make them one from the easier to the most difficult one. If you don’t want to complicate yourself to much, the easiest way would be to use an entire pallet and cut it directly with the shape of a fir, as you can see in the picture above , it does’nt have any complication, the only thing you will need is a jig saw … here you can find a very good one with a good price. Then we should paint and decorate the wooden tree as we like.

 arbol de navidad con palets5

The next way to make our tree is a little more complicated, the principle is to deconstruct the pallets that we have to get the boards , then cut off these boards in different sizes and unite with a longer one perpendicular to the rest, to join them we can use either nails or wooden glue, and finally we’ll decorate the tree as we consider. It’s a more complex method as the first one but the aspect result is far away from the original pallet.

 arbol de navidad con palets2

arbol de navidad con palets

The third and final way is the hardest of all ! but the result is much more colorful . It consist on making a tridimensional fir, nexing the boards between them randomly in a more natural way, in the next picture you can see a good example of this DIY christmas tree.

 arbol de navidad con palets4

You can also build a 3D tree with pallets using the system that we used to build this lamp.

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