Clothes hangers made ​​from recycled objects


If you need a hanger for your coats, either in your hall, room, class … if you want an economic and cool option I propose you this solution.

You just need a wooden pallet, dismantle it to get a board, and several spoons that we no longer need. We are going to bend the spoons as you see in the picture above, and create the hooks which will hang our coats and scarves, and then nail them on the wooden board, but before we need to perforate these spoons, because otherwise you can not nail the nails.

Finally we will set the wooden board to the wall, it is important to fix it right because if not the cloth hanger can fall due to the weight of coats, so we’ll use some plugs and putty.

As you can see is a very simple idea to do, I think in particular it’s a good solution for a classroom in a school, to don’t spend money on equipment and promote recycling to our students!

Clothes hangers made ​​from recycled objects

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