Construction of a lamp designed with wooden pallets


Today I will show you how to construct a lamp with a very nice design with wooden pallets. Basically it consists of being a little bit creative, you don’t need to follow directly the design of the image, you can do something similar following the same patterns, or just try to innovate!

We just need a wooden pallet, we have to clean it, remove all the nails, deconstruct it to obtain the boards, and sand the surface with a sander (that’s only if you want a perfect quality finish) If you don’t know how to deconstruct the pallet and obtain the boards please follow this link.

Then we will set the tables together to form the structure that we want, remember that you should set it well with nails, glue can also be used as a good alternative, but the nails will ensure a better built structure, which is very important considering that the lamp will be just over our heads! and we do not want to drop any wooden board on our head right?!?!


When we have made ​​the wooden structure we will install the electric cables, we will install the socket and the appropriate power cord. The wire will be over the wood structure so if it’s of the same color as the wood much better. Another way to hide the cables is using a double board structure and leaving the wires between the two boards, so we couldn’t see them. And finally we will have the lamp made ​​of wooden pallets! nice design don’t you think?

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