Coop built with pallet wooden boards


This is another project made by Manou using wooden planks from deconstructed pallets. It consists on a coop to keep our chickens.

The design is great,  it optimizes the use of the needed pallets, all thanks to its triangular structure that requires no floor. To built it you’ll have to dismantle two pallets leaving the structural base intact, then we’ll support a pallet against the other as you can see in the images, forming a kind of tent. with 2 wooden boards and some nails we’ll fix the structure on the sides.

Coop built with pallet boards

Coop built with pallet boards 2

 Coop built with pallet boards 3

Inside the triangular structure we’ll create a small space for the chickens, we can use our the other boards that we have obtained before from the disassembled pallets .

 Coop built with pallet boards 4

 Coop built with pallet boards 5

On one of the sides we’ll close the roof with the boards, and on the other side we’ll create a door to access easily to the chicken “bedroom” and collect the eggs. We’ll also build a ramp with some steps to let the chickens access their home.

 Coop built with pallet boards 6

Finally we’ll cover the entire structure with a metal chicken wire, to don’t let the hens to escape.

 Coop built with pallet boards 7

It’s amazing how easy is to make this chicken coop and get such good results with only 2 wooden pallets !

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