Cupboard corner build with a pallet


This is another good example of how the pallets can help us in our house, because we can configure them as we wish to adapt to those places that have underutilized in our rooms. In the next picture you can see how somebody has taken advantage of an unused corner, thanks to a pallet and a little of DIY for beginners.

Cupboard corner build with a pallet

The furniture consists of a pallet placed vertically in a corner, which coincidentally fits perfectly in this, in our case we could always cut it to fit it. At the top a few wooden planks have been set, you can obtain them from a pallet or just buy them at a carpenter store, the planks have been cut to fit the shape of the corner, then simply are nailed on the pallet. That’s the way we have obtained a nice little table taking advantage of a space that otherwise we wouldn’t have.

But the woodwork doesn’t end here, to get even more out of this space, a cut at the bottom of the cabinet has been made, and then some planks have been fixed inside creating a small shelf. Now we can put our shoes inside the cabinet thanks to a little more of DIY. What do you think?

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