Design of book-end made of pallets


Another of the great uses of the recycled wooden pallets  is to build useful objects, and somewhat a little bit absurds at the same time! but we have to recognize that they can be quite useful and we can save a few euros… and this is always welcome…

This is the case of this book-end, an object which is not essential, but it will keep the books in order in our library (also made ​​of pallets why not?).

The construction is the simplest than any that we have ever tried so far. We’ll just have to disassemble a pallet to get a few boards, clean them up and polish them well so then quality will be suitable, and then cut and join 2 boards together to form a 90º angle . Then we can put inside the interior of the angle a second piece, cut arbitrarily to give to the book-end a final nice design, also it will ad some weight to the system and you would be able to hold the books rightly.


Finally we will give it a better end, we can either varnish it or paint it, or just lift it as it is!

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