Different designs of Halloween pumpkins made ​​with pallets


In our last post about Halloween, we show how to decorate your living room and garden with using pumpkins made ​​with pallets. If you liked this post, you may want to take a look to these different designs of pallet pumpkins, originals and funnies to celebrate the Halloween.

If you want to design a pair of models of pumpkins, you can always use the pallets of smaller dimensions, without having to do woodworking. Also, once you’ve finished painting the pallets, you can play with their presentation, and it will look like that they have different dimensions. You can do it by placing the pallets one horizontal and the other one vertical. In this case, we have added a log to mimic the branches of the pumpkins.

   Different designs of Halloween pumpkins made ​​with pallets 1

Another nice pumpkin design, is the next one. Using planks extracted from a pallet, we have build 3 different pumpkins of different sizes, from bigger to smaller using a jigsaw, then we have fixed them with wooden glue emulating a 3D pumpkin. The next step is to paint it in orange. The detail of the branch has been made with the same plank that builds the pumpkin, painted in green.


You can also draw a pumpkin on the top of a pallet without dismantling it, as you can see in the following model. It is the easiest project that we’ve found. Simply, you have to draw the outline of the pumpkin, and the paint it as it was a draw on a paper. To fake the branches, they have used some ivy leaves. This project is perfect for the little ones because we don’t have to use tools.

Different designs of Halloween pumpkins made ​​with pallets 2

Also, if you want to take advantage of some pallet planks, you can build three pumpkins with three pallet planks each. As you can see in the image, each of them has a piece of green cloth to represent the leaves, and a few pieces of wood painted in brown representing the branch.

Different designs of Halloween pumpkins made ​​with pallets 4

Finally this is a pumpkin that you can hang on a wall, this model has a smaller and lighter design made ​​from a single pallet plank. Also it has a more rustic style, since its surface has been sanded after its painting, creating a more aged and ancient look for the wood.

Different designs of Halloween pumpkins made ​​with pallets 5

Do you like these pallet pumpkin ideas for the garden? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet furniture?