DIY Bathroom pallet furniture


Today from DIY Pallet furniture we want to present you this beautiful pallet furniture for the bathroom. If you live in a rustic-inspired house and you have no idea of how to make your bathroom cabinet, or you just don’t found any furniture that feeds in your rustic-toilet because all of them are too modern, I offer you the option to recycle some wood pallets and do this pallet furniture.

Using the structure of the pallets as the furniture front finish, but coating the sides with wooden planks or smooth plasterboard, the furniture will not look like as industrialized as it was made ​​entirely with pallets. We can use the pallets to make the whole structure but just let them see only by the frontal view. You must also complete the area where are the water pipes with a wooden board, so nobody could see the pipes.

Just one coat of white paint will be enough, so the wood will absorb a little bit of the paint giving the furniture a rustic finish. You can see at the photo the irregular white color result.


The pallets are important but the rest of the decor will be the key of our work result. We will use old and charmant  pieces that will fit in the philosophy of the bathroom rustic cabinet, following the inspiration of the image.

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